Different Types of Rugs

Any rug that is over eighty years old can be considered an antique rug but based on their origin and the patterns used, these carpets can be differentiated into different types. Each one of them is unique in its style because of the people who made them. Each carpet will have specific designs, patterns, colors and type of threads used which are unique to the period during which they were woven. Because of this specialty and uniqueness, these products are always considered a status symbol and an exquisite item to own in every household.

Oriental Rugs

The term antique oriental rugs refer to a wide range of carpets and the word oriental denotes the region comprising of South East Asia. Any carpet that is knotted in Pakistan, Nepal, India, Tibet, Iran, China or other regions within this boundaries are known as oriental rugs. A seller can refer to almost any antique rug as oriental because they usually come from one of these above said locations as they have rich culture and heritage. Besides, the Western countries didn’t have these kind of ornamental products. So, you will most probably be buying an antique carpet made from one of the artisans in any of these regions.

Indian Rugs

India had a great history with different rulers in the Northern and Southern parts. Many Indian rugs come from the Northern part of the country made by the Mughal rulers during the 1520s. Many of them are colorful, spot patterns that depict the culture and the highest standards of craftsmanship to mesmerize any buyer. They also have variants which depict the wildlife and vegetation found in the region during the period of Mughals and other rulers.

Turkish Rugs

Turkish rugs were greatly influenced by Persian carpets. The designs use mild colors such as light blue, red and yellow among many others while the patterns are a mix of social culture as well as events that took place during the period they were woven. These are often found in the royal palaces in Istanbul among other places and offer the same majestic looks to your home.

European Rugs

When you are looking for a contemporary style with beauty and a Western touch to it, the European rugs are your best bet. While carpets made in Asia and other countries in the East have similar styles, the ones from Europe drastically vary in terms of the thread used as well as the designs that resemble the art and architecture found in places like Paris and Vatican.

The wide range of antique oriental rugs is a huge list and there are many different types under each category based on the region they were woven. You can buy them all from a reliable and reputed seller within your budget. Add a touch of elegance and style to your home and bring your interiors to life.