How to buy antique oriental rugs


Buying Antique Rugs

Before you set off to buy your favorite antique Persian rugs, you should know that
antique rugs were woven at least eighty years ago. They fall into this category based
on their age and not their origin, design, color or the material used to manufacture them.
While the minimum age for a rug to be considered antique is eighty years, the maximum has
no limit. In general, the greater the age of the rug, the higher its pricing – similar to a
fine bottle of wine. And it’s not just that the rug was made long ago, but the piece of
traditional history your fine antique rug carries with it that gives it this greater value.
Different factors should be considered when planning to buy antique oriental rugs which hail
from different countries and varied cultures.

Things to Consider

The first rule of buying antique rugs is that you should fix a budget.
Knowing the money you are planning to invest to own a traditional carpet with a
piece of history is important so that you are comfortable owning such a piece.

Age and Quality

The rug quote will largely be based on its age.
When buying an antique rug, the design and your interest
in it matters more than anything else. Otherwise, it’s
not going to make much of a difference just because it’s old.
Indeed, one of our most popular selling antique rugs, antique Oushak
rugs, has a more coarse weave but its design and colors give it such great
value. So choose that beautiful rug of your dreams for your home unless you
are a collector who aims to own a piece of history by obtaining rugs from every
culture. For most buyers, moderately aged rugs that fit their taste are ideal.
Search based on these two factors within your budget to come up with the best purchase.

Size and Condition

Another important aspect is the condition of the product. The antique rugs
which are really old and in good condition will be the most expensive though
they may not be everyone’s choice. Often, designers request a more worn look
on an antique carpet to further enhance that feel of great age, history, or
just for a desired texture. Make sure to know the size of the room before you
enter a showroom to make things easier on yourself. Balance these factors to
arrive at the right choice.