How to Choose a Rug Color for Living Room

Being able to pick the right colors is an art! While many people have individual color choices and a penchant for specific tones, if you have the knack to choose antique oriental rugs with colors and patterns that appeal to most, then you can safely assume that you have good taste. Keeping these individual talents aside, there are some basic rules to follow and simple tips that will help you make a fine choice.

For obvious reasons, customers often find themselves confused when it comes to picking the right colors. While some might look amazing in the store or over the web, they may not be the same in your home though they often look even better in your own home. The one that looks simple online could enhance the beauty of your living room in an amazing manner.

Neutral/ Light Colors

Going for light, neutral colors is a decision that you can hardly go wrong with. Other color choices are hit or miss, based on your wall color and many other factors. But, because of the versatility offered by these products, they remain the most wanted in stores. Bright colors in a huge room can cause too much of a shade that could become tough to handle after a while and they match only when everything else is in sync. Try bright colors in smaller rooms because reducing the size of the carpet reduces its pricing, which will make it easy for you to change them. Go for neutral colors for huge living rooms and other areas. Add the right accessories including lights, desk and others to compliment these colors.

Ask for Samples and Confirm it Under Right Lighting Conditions

When shopping online, it is not easy to determine the color tone of oriental rugs. While here, we’re one of the few that take the time to get the colors as close as possible to the real rug, monitors may still be calibrated differently. See the carpets in a similar light to your home because that is how you will be able to find the right color tone and confirm whether it would match the atmosphere in your home. Natural lighting is the best to make a decision. However, if you are going to use the rug in areas where artificial lighting will be used predominantly, then you can make a choice based on how it looks inside the store when you get a rug quote.

Consider Room Size and Personality

If you have a personality that loves blues and greens in light versions, reflect it in your beautiful handmade rug. It brings a more casual look and will provide a relaxed appeal to your room. Similarly, if you want a small room to look big, choose light colors which will enhance the available space. For living rooms, red and other bright colors are an ideal choice as they render a compact look to the location. Besides, when constantly exposed to sunlight, the color may fade off a bit which will not be evident when using bright colors. Oh, and as a last resort, you can always use beige because it is one of the most versatile colors available.