How to Choose a Rug Size


Determining the size of the antique oriental rugs is an important aspect when purchasing because the size and shape of the carpet will determine how good it looks in your home. Every aspect of a rug including its color, shape and size will determine if your room looks small or large, grand or congested and determine its overall look. You can create the perfect atmosphere in every room of your home by making the right choice. Here are some tips and guidelines that you should follow when buying rugs.

Know the Sizes

A range of standard sizes are available in the market. While new rugs are made to order, antique rugs are pre-made and you don’t have your direct influence over its size. All you could do is to pick the one that is available but chose it wisely. The most common sizes found in these products are three x five feet, five x eight feet and when it comes to larger variants, you might find eight x eleven feet and nine x twelve feet. Of course, we carry all sizes, including large and even palace size rugs.

Deciding the Size

People often make the mistake of choosing a rug that is smaller than their room size. It happens because if you have painstakingly built your home, you may have used flamboyant laminated or hardwood flooring and may not want to cover it completely. But, it is the right way to determine the size because smaller rugs will make your room look small and will spoil the overall appearance of the locale. Make a decision about the size based on the arrangement and the size of your furniture. The rug should be bigger than the dining table or the couch, even when it is moved out of its position.

Choosing for Different Rooms

While a rug quote is largely based on the quality and age of the product, the size depends largely on the room. When choosing rugs for your bedroom, go for the biggest rug that your budget will allow and the one that can touch the farthest corners of your room. For the living room, rectangular shaped ones covering all your furniture but not the television set. A nominal gap between your couch and the television set without carpets enhance the look.

Before you go out to shop for rugs or browse online, use a tape to take the exact measurements of the room because what your eyes assume may not be the actual size. Similarly, spread your budget so that you can buy the right size for every room without compromise.