How to find the Perfect Rug


While there is no pre-defined method to find the perfect rug as individual taste and requirements vary, you can always know the basics when buying an antique carpet. They are of much more value than new items because they were made during the age of kings, long ago and act as an exquisite addition to the furniture in your home. There are many factors that you should take into account including the price of the antique oriental rugs, their size, color and the material design based on your existing room. First time buyers can sometimes start off by buying a random product and later choosing to add more so as to compliment it but if you are serious about your investment, choose the rug first and read below to know more.

Style and Design

As already said, rug choices will be hugely influenced by individual taste and likeness of select colors or patterns. However, your room should also determine your choice of style. For example, in a scenario when the space available in your room is less and the walls are colored with a light color, going for carpets with spacious floral patterns or long lines are the best fit as they will make the room look bigger because of the space between the designs. Similarly, when choosing one for a big room, go for checkered or closely knit designs as they will render a compact look to your living room or any location, improving the overall atmosphere.

Choosing your size for specific rooms

The size of the antique rugs you choose will obviously vary based on the size of your room. But most customers have trouble deciding whether to go for a size that simply fits the center area of the room or to go for large rugs that would cover the entire floor, edge to edge. Ideally, the dining room rug is large enough to fit the table and the areas the chairs may need to be pulled away. They should be large enough so that even when the chairs are pulled away from the table, the carpet still extends itself outside. The same goes for bedrooms and in living rooms, you can use it to cover the area used by your three or six seater couches while leaving the rest of the room open.


Based on the age and quality of the product, the rug quote will drastically vary. When choosing a product, always keep your budget in check because you don’t want to go on a spending spree for just one item, right? Just try to focus on the colors and patterns that go well with your walls and furniture. Solid colors are best used to accent colors; and if you have a dark colored room, try floral or straight patterns in oriental carpets made using light colored wool.