Antique Oushak Rug10’2″ x 11′ circa 1920


Made in Turkey.
Hand knotted.
All wool.
Vegetables dyes.
Rust background with turquoise  and beige
And Brown.


Antique Oushak Rug

Antique Turkish Oushak Rug <br>10’2″ x 11′, RN# ou28023 circa 1920

Antique Oushak Turkish Rug stands as an authentic masterpiece in the world of antique and vintage rugs and carpets. Antique Oushak will brings warm Suttle color combinations with bold design, the missing piece to complete and unify any room.   Spanning an impressive 10 feet and 2 inches by 11 feet, this elegant piece is a testament to timeless artistry, boasting an all-wool composition that exudes luxury and heritage. Within its intricate design lies the essence of an antique Turkish Oushak carpet, showcasing a mesmerizing allover pattern that captures the essence of history and culture. The fusion of hues—rust, soft green, sea foam, and gold—conducts a symphony of colors, each thread woven with meticulous care to form a large-scale pattern. This versatile masterpiece is not merely a floor covering; it’s an opulent addition suitable for adorning dining rooms, living spaces, or even bedrooms, elevating any space with its allure and historical significance. For connoisseurs and enthusiasts seeking Turkish rugs for sale, this antique Oushak carpet stands as a captivating relic, showcasing the artistry and craftsmanship of a bygone era.


A testament to the timeless allure of antique Turkish rugs lies in the splendor of Oushak carpets. These vintage treasures embody an allover design that blends rust, soft green, seafoam, and gold hues into a captivating tapestry. Their grand scale patterns make them an exquisite addition to diverse interior spaces, be it the grandeur of a dining room, the comfort of a living area, or the serenity of a bedroom, enhancing each space with a touch of sophistication and historical charm.

     Delve into the timeless elegance of vintage Turkish rugs that stand as the epitome of refined artistry and cultural heritage. Within this vast spectrum lies the mesmerizing allure of Oushak carpets, boasting an impeccable blend of antiquity and sophistication. These antique Turkish carpets represent an allover design with an exquisite fusion of rust, soft green, seafoam, and gold hues that create an orchestra of colors. Their large-scale patterns serve as a focal point, offering a versatile option suitable for adorning dining rooms, living spaces, or even bedroom sanctuaries, infusing a touch of heritage and opulence into any setting.

In the realm of interior design, vintage Turkish rugs stand as coveted treasures, encapsulating narratives of centuries-old craftsmanship and cultural richness. The allure of antique Turkish carpets lies in their unique fusion of history and aesthetics. Among these treasures are the famed Oushak carpets, renowned for their breathtaking allover designs that weave together an extraordinary symphony of colors. Imagine the interplay of rust, soft green, seafoam, and gold, forming an elegant tapestry that serves as an ideal centerpiece for grand dining rooms, luxurious living spaces, or serene bedroom retreats, adding a touch of antiquity and sophistication to the ambiance.

The exquisite charm of vintage Turkish carpets beckons forth a world of splendor and artistic finesse, especially within the realm of Oushak rugs. These antique Turkish rugs epitomize an allover design characterized by a harmonious blend of rust, soft green, seafoam, and gold hues, evoking a sense of opulence and timeless beauty. Their intricate large-scale patterns make them a versatile choice, suitable for embellishing various spaces, from sophisticated dining areas to inviting living rooms or even the serene intimacy of a bedroom, where these Turkish rugs add a sense of history and refined elegance.

Interior design finds its elevated essence in the incorporation of vintage Turkish rugs, each telling a story steeped in cultural heritage and artistic mastery. Among these, the Oushak carpets stand as an emblem of exquisite craftsmanship and timeless allure. Their antique charm reflects an allover design that intertwines rust, soft green, seafoam, and gold tones in a mesmerizing symphony. The grandeur of their large-scale patterns makes them an ideal choice to grace the floors of dining rooms, living areas, or bedrooms, infusing spaces with an air of sophistication and historical richness.

For the discerning eye of an interior designer seeking to elevate spaces with a touch of opulence and heritage, vintage Turkish rugs, especially the illustrious Oushak carpets, offer an unparalleled aesthetic appeal. These antique Turkish carpets feature an alluring amalgamation of rust, soft green, seafoam, and gold, meticulously woven into large-scale patterns. Their versatility allows them to become statement pieces in dining rooms, living areas, or bedrooms, effortlessly infusing spaces with an aura of elegance and cultural significance.


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