Kerman Rugs (Kirman Rugs)

Antique Kerman rugs also known as Kirman rugs in many countries refer to a specific type of Persian carpets. If you are a connoisseur of beautiful antique oriental rugs, you must surely be familiar with the artistic perfection achieved by Persians when it comes to creating ornamental pieces. The history of Kirman is very large and interesting which you should definitely know about, especially when you are interested in their rugs. The name comes from a city that was famous for manufacturing such pieces besides other accessories. The carpets of Kerman were appreciated by none other than the legendary traveler Marco Polo, who described them as a marvel. Even today, one could say the same about the Kerman carpets. Kerman is a city in Southeast Iran with 2 million people. For over hundreds of years, the city of Kerman has been one of the biggest producers of high quality Persian carpets.

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